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Titanic the Musical: In Concert

The Passengers and Crew of the R.M.S. Titanic:

Robyn Bloom - Charlotte Cardoza 

Sharen Camille * - Caroline Neville 

John Day - John Clarke 

Johnny Dunkerly - Bellboy 

Keith G. Field - 2nd Officer Lightoller, John Jacob Astor 

Stephen Foreman - Frederick Barrett, George Widener  Stu Goldstone - Radioman Harold Bride 

Amy E. Haynes - Kate McGowan, Eleanor Widener  Thomas C. Hessenauer - Isidor Straus 

David Hill - First Officer Murdoch  Alyssa Wellman Houde - Kate Murphey, Marion Thayer  Paul Kennedy - Frederick Fleet, John Thayer 

Jim Knost - 3rd Officer Pitman, Henry Etches 

Joey Light - Wallace Hartley 

Mark Lloyd - Jim Farrell 

Debbie Mobley - Ida Straus 

Vincent Musgrave - Edgar Beane  Spencer Kate Nelson - Madeline Astor  Lisa Pastella - Alice Beane 

Daniel Plante - Thomas Andrews  John Gary Pullen - Captain E.J. Smith 

Kelly Rardon - Kate Mullins 

Rick Robertson - J.Bruce Ismay 

Jack Wiggins - Jack Thayer  John Wiggins - Frank Carlson (the man who missed the boat)

* Sharen is Appearing Courtesy of Actors' Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States, appearing under a Special Appearance Contract

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