The Heritage Players is currently seeking proposals for our 45th season!

This upcoming season will run from August 2020 to August 2021.

Proposals are due Wednesday January 1st, 2020.

The Heritage Players Inc. will accept proposals from anyone who is interested; the person submitting the proposal must be either the prospective Director or prospective Producer. It is recommended that proposer attempt to fill as many Creative Team roles as possible before submitting a proposal (though this is not required). A Director or Producer may submit proposals for multiple shows.

Proposals will be reviewed and considered by the Play Selection Committee (headed by the Artistic Director) and then submitted to the Board of Directors. The Artistic Director and/or Play Selection Committee may request additional information and/or an interview with the potential director/producer regarding their proposal. The Artistic Director and Play Selection Committee will present the selections for the upcoming season in the March Membership Meeting, where the selections will be finalized and voted on.

Proposals will be reviewed in the following areas*:

The Heritage Players are looking for proposals to fill the following slots:

  • The winter musical “in concert” or cabaret (Winter 2020-2021); The purpose of the winter slot is to promote a variety show or musical “in concert” that requires no sets and minimal costumes.  Our past winter shows include: Holiday Cabaret, Titanic In Concert and Sweeney Todd In Concert, and the upcoming production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. It is intended that the Winter production be similar in style to the PBS Theater Concerts with highly limited choreography, movement, and no set.

  • The spring play or musical (Spring 2021); This could be anything.

  • The summer show, play, musical or variety (Summer 2021); This should be more wholesome and intended for a family audience.


The proposal form can be found here.

Please submit all proposals to our Artistic Director, Amy Haynes Rapnicki, via email ( with the Subject “The Heritage Players Inc. – Season 45 Proposal”.

Forms, scripts, and soundtracks can be uploaded here:

Any materials for the proposal can also be attached to the proposal email.

*The Heritage Players performs on the grounds of Spring Grove Hospital Center, a psychiatric hospital, and therefore productions where the central theme is mental illness, or contain depiction of drug abuse and/or suicide will require additional screening/oversight and may be precluded. In addition, it is the responsibility of the Director/Producer submitting a proposal to ensure that the performance rights for the show in question are not currently restricted. Shows for which the rights are restricted at the time of proposal cannot be considered.

**The Board reserves the right to select less than the number of available season slots if necessary.