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A staged reading of an original play by local playwright Jeff Dunne

Saturday March 9th. 1pm. 

In defiance of her promise, Psyche has looked upon the face of her husband, Eros, the god of Love.  In the commotion that followed, Eros was wounded on one of his own arrows and fled into the night, and Psyche went to his mother, Aphrodite, to plead for her assistance.  When the play opens, Aphrodite is exacting vengeance upon Psyche, for Eros' injury and for Psyche's beauty, by sending her into the Underworld.


Psyche is preparing to kill herself when Providence appears and tells her how to enter the Underworld without dying, as well as also how to return.  We learn, however, that Providence is really working with Aphrodite to overthrow Zeus, a plan that is fulfilled at the cost of Psyche's freedom.  Now the world is ruled by Aphrodite, her husband Hephaestus, and her lover Ares (Beauty, Technology, and War), and Love and Soul remain apart and dormant. 


Aphrodite tortures Psyche century after century, until in modern day there is born a girl named Kaitlyn with an inexplicable connection to Psyche.  Kaitlyn is determined to free Psyche, and ultimately achieves this goal with the help of someone named Shade, who turns out to be Providence in disguise.  They succeed, restoring the Soul of Psyche to Eros so they may rule together in a new age of Love and Soul.


Free to attend,  donations are gratefully accepted.

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