Book by Allan Knee
Music by Jason Howland
Lyrics by Mindi Dickstein
Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott

Director & Production Editor: Tommy Malek
Music Director: Rachel Sandler
Producer: Stuart Kazanow

Virtual Production Opens March 14, 2021


ALL ROLES OPEN (6F/4M). We are in search of a multi-talented cast of actor-singers who can perform & emote well on camera, as well as provide quality recordings for this project. Performers of all races, ethnicities, orientations, and gender identifications are welcome and encouraged to audition. The Heritage Players Inc. strongly supports diversity and equality in our productions. Please see below for character descriptions.

First, please watch our Virtual Audition Info Video here [https://youtu.be/gxssIbR_OsA] for specifics regarding your submission. Send all audition requests and inquiries to hplittlewomen@gmail.com. In your email request, please include your Name, which Character(s) you wish to audition for, and a copy of your headshot (or clear picture of your face) & a theatrical resumé. If you do not have an official resume, please simply list your last few theatrical experiences in the body of your email.

You should receive a response within 24 hours which will contain sheet music, instrumental track segments, and a link to an electronic audition form. From there, please submit your completed audition form as soon as you can. Then, record your musical video and send it in by December 21. Once we’ve processed through the audition submissions, you will receive an email by December 23, letting you know if we’d like to see you for a callback (you will hear something from us either way by that date).

Callbacks will happen after Christmas from December 27-30. These will be live meetings via Zoom with Tommy and Rachel, which will be recorded for reference. These callbacks will include side-readings with Tommy and potentially some additional music work with Rachel.

Rehearsals will run starting at the very beginning of January 2021. About three weeks will be devoted to learning the music, rehearsing the scenes via Zoom, and recording scene reference guides with the entire cast. Then official scene and song recordings, as well smaller rehearsals as needed, will commence for the following four to five weeks.

Rehearsal scheduling will be based upon actors availability BUT open availability and flexibility is of utmost importance for this project. Please do not audition if you are not available from about 6PM-10PM EST on most weeknights (Mon-Thurs) and/or do not have some weekend flexibility.

Please send all audition requests and inquiries to hplittlewomen@gmail.com


Jo March [Female, 18-25]
Our story's protagonist. Passionate, adventurous, and brave. She is a writer of epic tales of adventure & daring. Jo loves and supports her family above all, but also longs to have her larger-than-life dreams realized, stopping at nothing to make them a reality. Vocal Range: E3-A5

Amy March [Female, 15-20]
The youngest, most energetic March sister with a slightly pompous, but always lovable, air about her. She is an artist and a seeker of beauty above all else. Vocal Range: Cb4-Gb5

Beth March [Female, 16-24]
The second youngest March sister. Peace-maker, lover, and an optimist. Always encouraging her sisters to dream and to live life to the fullest. Vocal Range: A3-G5

Meg March [Female, 20-30]
The world-weary, yet hopeful, oldest March sister who yearns for a wonderful life and family of her own. Vocal Range: A#3-Gb5

“Marmee” March [Female, 40-55]
The girls' mother. She is the strong backbone of the family, who is courageous in spite of the difficult odds she faces. A Transcendentalist, Marmee works to balance her more romantic notions of the world with the stark challenges of raising four daughters in Civil War America. Vocal Range: Eb3-Eb5

Professor Bhaer [Male, 30-40]
German Professor who exemplifies proper manners. He is a boarder in Mrs. Kirk's boarding house who is frequently challenged by, but eventually falls in love with, Jo. Vocal Range: G2-F#4

Theodore “Laurie” Laurence [Male, 18-25]
The bright-eyed boy next door with considerable charm. He longs for the warmth and love of the March family and through the course of the show, becomes part of it. Vocal Range: Bb2-Bb4


Mr. John Brooke [Male, 25-35]
Laurie’s tutor and a rather stiff man to start. Struggles with showing emotion until he meets and falls in love with Meg. Vocal Range: C#3-F#4


Aunt March [Female, 55+]
A formidable, over-bearing matron of the March family and great-aunt to the March sisters. The wealthy socialite in town. Also doubles as Mrs. Kirk. Vocal Range: E3-F5.


Mr. Laurence [Male 55+]
Laurie’s grandfather and caretaker who lives next door to the March family. Slightly crotchety, but shows his softer side when he meets Beth March who reminds him of his own late daughter. A lover of music and tradition. Vocal Range: D3-E4