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our mission statement

The Heritage Players is a501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Since its inception in 1975, The Heritage Players, Inc. has delivered a wealth of high-quality entertainment to its audiences and the communities it serves.


While producing high-quality theatre is its primary mission, philanthropy and charity have been an integral part of The Heritage Players’ mission and vision since its inception, and the organization has continually given back to the community by donating a portion of each production’s proceeds to a charity chosen by their respective casts, crews, and production teams for over 30 years. The Heritage Players has donated over $50,000 to charitable organizations since 1975.


The Heritage Players’ historical productions range from dramas, comedies, musicals, concerts, and anything in-between, limited only by the imagination of its volunteers.


The Heritage Players operates with integrity, fairness, and transparency with the intention of building a strong relationship with the community it serves, as well as those who volunteer their time and talents to the organization. The Heritage Players strives to engage and reflect the diversity of the community within its operations, organization, and creative endeavors.


The Heritage Players, Inc. is a family of volunteers with a collective passion for nurturing the future of local theatre and giving back to the community.

Heritage Players Board of Directors

President: Ashley Gerhardt

Vice President: Jim Gerhardt

Artistic Director: Amy Haynes Rapnicki

Treasurer: John Gary Pullen

Secretary: Megan Kaiser

Director of Marketing: Tommy Malek

Master Carpenter: Al Gillis

Resident Music Coordinator: David Zajic

Member at Large: Stuart Kazanow

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